Sunday, June 12, 2011

More sewing, still not much studying

Only two exams to go, and the semester is finished! It's been a very tough few months with lots of stress and sickness, but the end is in sight. I've been breaking up the study (a bit too much) with some sewing, and have finished the pillow from Kellie's 'In Spring' pattern. My background quilting is still very messy and uneven, but I'm learning to live with it. It's such a bright, versatile pattern, and I've started the quilt. I've extended it by about a quarter again, so it's going to be a HUGE project and will probably take me the best part of a year. Still, I have had a ball sourcing gorgeous fabrics from all over the world, and am really enjoying laying it all out. The sewing will be a different matter - it'll be a real struggle to stuff it under my domestic sewing machine, but I'll give it a red-hot go.

The boys are very excited to see that the ski season's started with huge snowfalls this year, so we're hoping to hit the slopes sometime soon with Lysh, Dean and Joshie. They're all kitted out, so it should be a great trip. Must get organised.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Procrastinators unite....tomorrow

Study or sew, study or sew...hmmmm. It was a no-brainer. I am getting marginally better at raw-edge applique, but I still suck. I figured if I made something that was meant to be spewed on, it wouldn't matter so much. I don't think Ollie will notice the mistakes.

Better go hit the books. Bye!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dusting off the sewing machine

Sash and I had a wonderful time at a raw edge applique class run by the amazing Kellie Wulfsohn last month - I absolutely love her designs. I've always been terrified of applique, but was inspired to take the class so I could make the stunning Peak Hour quilt for Sam. Alas, when I showed it to him on her website, he declared that he'd much rather have 'the flower one'! After a bit of persuasion, I made him this t-shirt using one of the Peak Hour designs, and he loves it! I may have to make him a flower cushion in the meantime, but I'm sure I'll be making the quilt before too long. I have also made a half-arsed attempt at starting a winter pinafore dress for myself, but made a mistake on the front facing and can't be bothered unpicking it. Not to worry, exam season is coming up and I'll be scrounging around for EVERY excuse to procrastinate rather than study, so expect to see lots of finished sewing projects in the next month or so!

And finally, a quick photo of my littlest boy, just because he's so gorgeous I could eat him.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


One of the down sides of being the family photographer is that there are always very few photos with you in them! The whole-family shot can be almost impossible. After literally years of saying that we should organise reciprocal family photoshoots together, my good friend Celeste and I finally set a date and made it happen. With 9 children between us, it could have been a shambles but everyone (including the babies!) was beautifully behaved and we had an awesome morning. But best of all, here are the results. Huge thanks to Cecil - you are so talented, and we love the photos! xxxx

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear Nikki....

....thank you for reminding me about the existence of this blog! I think you are the only one who still checks it, so am addressing this post to you. It'll feel a bit like chatting to you in person, except I can talk and drink wine at the same time! I love that about you (amongst other things).

Look how my little men have grown up since the same time last year! Alex and Ben finished their first year of school in December. They have done so amazingly well, and I'm really proud of them. Tears on their first day, and tears on their last day - from Mama of course. My baby Ollie has just started solids, and is growing waaaaaay too fast. I'm sure I ordered one that stays a baby for several years, but no such luck. He is such a happy, fun little dude, and his big brothers are just in love with him. Will I ever stop wanting more babies?! Probably not.

We had an awesome time at Phillip Island, the weather was perfect and it was all very relaxing. The highlight was seeing the newly hatched baby penguin chicks waiting outside their burrows for their parents to return from sea at dusk, and then being fed. Magical. Plenty of beach and pool time, and even a boat trip and a chocolate factory tour - didn't want to come home. Still, not long now til Kennett River, and once I can get my head around the ridiculous amount of stuff we have to pack, I'll be very excited! Better stock up on redjuski!

So lovely to talk to you today, see you soon.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hitting the books

It was off to school for more than just the twins this year - I headed back for yet more postgrad study on 1 March! After much angst around whether I could juggle a pregnancy, three (soon to be four) little ones, two part-time jobs plus a demanding study load, I decided to jump in and give it my best shot. Our baby is due just 3 weeks after exams, and given that Sam was 4 weeks early, I'm a little nervous......but what will be, will be.

A recent photo of the big brothers-in-waiting too. They are very excited about their new sibling - this is going to be one seriously loved baby!